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Day 1-2, Berlin-Istanbul

October 26, 2012

Day 1, 15.7, Berlin – Budapest -Belgrade

I got up at 4 o’clock in the morning to start my first backpacking trip. I was really exited – no one of my friends or my family knew, that I was going to Iran.

It was a nice train trip from Berlin to Budapest, but in Budapest itself, the weather was quite cloudy. Nevertheless I had 4 hours till the night train to Belgrade departed so I rushed through the old city that is so completely different from Berlin that I was excited to see Istanbul.

Day 2, 16.7, Belgrade – Istanbul

I knew the route from Berlin to the border city of Serbia (Subotica) where I have been in 2007 during a school project. But I’ve never been more east and south.

The outskirts of Belgrade looked very poor and ugly. In addition modern buildings stood right next to Roma slums.

I arrived in Belgrade with 2h delay and was worried to catch my train to Istanbul, because I had to buy the so-called Balkan Flexi Pass which is a ticket like Interrail being only valid for the Balkan countries plus Turkey.

But with the rest of my Serbian money that was left over from 2007 I managed to buy the ticket and to get on the train just in time.
I think there exists an so-called through coach (Kurswagen) from Budapest to Istanbul. It means that the train will only leave Belgrade when this special coach is connected to the train Belgrade-Istanbul. That’s why it doesn’t really matter how much delay the train Budapest-Belgrade has, you usually won’t miss the train to Istanbul.

I shared my 4 bed compartment with another German and in other compartment we met a German couple and an Irish guy with whom we spent the evening with.

The nature beside the track is really beautiful. Unfortunately almost every passenger threw their garbage out of the window…
But on the other side I was happy to travel with such an old train again, where you could open the windows and see the tracks through the toilet – it brought memories of my childhood back.

Next (Istanbul) >

Next (Istanbul) >

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