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Day 11-13, Pamukkale-Cappadocia

October 26, 2012

Day 11, 25.7, Ölündeniz – Denizli – Pamukkale

At 10am I left Ölündeniz, took the bus to Fethiye where I shopped in French Carrefour.

At 11.45am I went by bus to Pamukkale. It was a 4,5h ride and some people had to stand in this very small mini bus.

The landscape was amazing, the road curled right next to cliffy mountainside and there were no safety fence (unthinkable in Germany).

The “highlight” was that I forgot my camera in the bus. But to some Turkish workers the bus returned, with my camera onboard.

I arrived at 6pm in Pamukkale and kind of hitch-hiked to the famous open air museum.

The museum was breath-taking and because it was evening, not many people were around.

Day 12, 26.7, Pamukkale – Eskiheşir (-Kayseri)

I didn’t want to take the bus to Cappadocia, because I still had my Balkan Flexi Pass. So I went by bus via Denizli to Eskiheşir. From there I took the Güney Express to Kayseri.

Unfortunately there was no bed left in this night train, so I had to sit in a seat. That’s why I hardly slept. My dinner and lunch consisted of Fanta, some grapes and biscuits.

Day 13, Kayseri – Cappadocia – Kayseri (-Tatvan)

The last three days I didn’t really stay in one place, but only travelled around.

After having arrived in Kayseri 2h later than expected I went as fast as possible to the Cappadocia open air museum because I had only 6h left till the Trans-Asia-Express would leave Kayseri.

The museum was nice, but I think I didn’t spend enough time there.

After having been invited to an ice cream – teşekkürler, young Turkish guy -, the man at the ticket counter at the station of Kayseri wanted to tell me that the TA-Express would go via Tatvan to Tehran but I could not buy a ticket to Tatvan. After several minutes of discussion, I decided just to wait for the train.

So when it arrived, I asked the Iranian conductor whether there are still empty beds and he gave me one in a compartment with three nice Iranians without problems and asking for my ticket.

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