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Day 14-16, Lake Van

October 26, 2012

Day 14, 28.7, TA-Express to Tatvan

I slept very well in the 4 bed compartment. But Tatvan, which is a small town at the western edge of Lake Van, was horrible.

Instantly after having left the train, I regretted it. Children came and ran around me, yelling “Money! Money! Money!” Their behaviour irritated my very much.

So I went out of the center, the children were still following me. After some time, they understood that I wouldn’t give them anything, changed the pavement’s side and started to throw stones at me! I was completely puzzled.

Fortunately I meet three Czech guys which helped me out. In addition after I went to the hostel I wanted to stay in (it was a quite big one but full… don’t ask me who stayed it in this small town), I spent the night with them sleeping on the harbour’s ground.

Day 15, 29.7, Tatvan – Van

We got up at 6am to take the ferry at 7am. In the end it took off at 10.30am. In the meantime it was loaded several times with tanks and other military vehicles (I guess due to the Turkish-Kurdish conflict) and I was invited by some Kurdish people for tea. So I didn’t leave Tatvan with a completely negative impression.

The ferry ride was 4,5h and the ferry itself seemed to be at least 40 years old. But I could take a long warm shower, which was the reason, why I missed the conductor and made the ride for free.

Van is a better town, bigger, than Tatvan. It’s on the other, eastern, side of Lake Van. The police showed high profile but the town was peaceful, the hotel bad.

Day 16, 30.7, Van

I just hand around in Van, starting the day with the famous breakfast offered in this region.

I planned my journey through Iran and book my flight back. At an internet café I was helped by a very friendly Turkish guy, who communicated with me via Google translator.

In the evening I went shopping some clothes.

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