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Day 17-18, to Iran, Tabriz

October 26, 2012

Day 17, 31.7, Van – Tabriz (Iran)

Before I left towards Iran I enjoyed the fantastic breakfast again.

The landscape between Turkey and Iran looked like the road from Fethiye to Denizli and many army vehicles and soldiers were around (not at the border, but in the villages before).

On the bus I meet Hawa, a girl from Istanbul, and four young Chinese women who all had a similar itinerary.

The border crossing happened without any problem. I was in Iran and couldn’t believe it, I was very, very happy.

But we had to leave the bus; it was broken. So we went by taxi to Urmia and then to Tabriz, passed Urmia Salt Lake and a sign Good Gourney!
I regretted that I just passed the lake and didn’t swim in it….next time.

We arrived in Tabriz in the evening, managed to find a hotel and hurried to find something to eat, too.

Day 18, 1.8, Tabriz

It was the first day of Ramadan.

I bought an Iranian SIM (IranCell) and visited the famous bazaar – it’s an heritage of the UNO.

I also recognized the warm welcoming some Iranian show towards tourist. Often I received a friendly “Hello“, “Welcome to Iran” or “Thanks for visiting our country”.

The bus to Esfahan had some problems, so we stopped quite often and I didn’t sleep much.

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<Previous (Lake Van)Next (Esfahan) >

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