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Day 19-20, Esfahan

October 26, 2012

Day 19, 2.8., Esfahan

During our search for the hostel, we lost the Chinese women. Hawa had a headache, so I explored the town on my own.

Unfortunately every mosque closed right before I arrived… So I went to the post office sending a parcel with books and some short clothes home to Berlin.

On my way to the central Imam Square I meet three pretty Iranian girls and we decided to meet again in the evening.

After I changed some money (it’s not possible to use any kind of credit cards in Iran), I became an Iranian millionaire.

The fasting at Ramadan was pretty hard for me. I had no problem not to eat, but due to the heat, I had to drink. Fortunately several shop owners offered some water.
In general especially the young generation ignores the fasting. They just don’t eat/drink in public.

So in the evening I met the three girls again and it was really awesome. We went out eating, drove around in their car, listening to western music and hiding from the police. It was totally crazy and awesome…
Besides, all Iranian boys looked really jealous and angry at me.

Day 20, 3.8, Esfahan

I took the bus to Atashka, which is a hill with an old temple on top. From there I had a great view over Esfahan.

In addition I met a Spanish guy who gave me the number of a CouchSurfer in Bandar Abbas.

Before I took the bus to Shiraz, I bought delicious Ash. Although I bought a VIP bus ticket (13$) that time, I couldn’t sleep better.

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<Previous (Tabriz)Next (Shiraz/Persepolis) >

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