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Day 21-22, Shiraz, Persepolis

October 26, 2012

Day 21, 4.8, Shiraz, Persepolis

I said good-bye to Hawa, left my stuff at a hotel and hit the road to Persepolis at which I meet 3 – this time – boys.

In unbeatable heat and midday sun, I visited Persepolis, the ancient ceremonial Persian capital.

There I met nice Iranians that migrated to the States. They drove me to Naqsh-e Rostan, where impressive graves from Xerxes and other Persian leader can be found. Sam from London gave me some further information concerning the graves
He said, because the government wouldn’t care about this cultural sight, it will fall apart in some years.

Back at the hotel, I tried to bargain with the owner, but it resulted in a not voluntarily hotel change.

Day 22, 5.8, Shiraz

I met the 3 boys at Hafeziyeh – the tomb of one of the most famous Persian poets, Hafez – and spent a great morning with them. We drove around the city and I ate some Iranian food, but didn’t like it that much. They by the way didn’t care about eating in public.

Then I visited the stunning Shrine of the 8th Imam’s brother. Many visitors wanted a photo me.

You weren’t allowed to take cameras inside, but you could take photos with the mobile phone.
The Mullah in charge charged me – for Iranian sights – a high entrance fee of 10$.

Due to it was Friday a huge crowd went to the Jameh mosque (it’s the biggest mosque in each town) and life seems to stop; the streets were empty and traffic stopped.

In the evening I enjoyed a dinner with typical Ramadan sweets and arranged a place at a CouchSurfer in Bandar Abbas that had been recommended by a Spanish guy.

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<Previous (Esfahan)Next (Bandar Abbas/Persian Gulf) >

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