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Day 23-24, Bandar Abbas, Persian Gulf

October 26, 2012

Day 23, 6.8, Bandar Abbas, Qeshm

The cousin of the guy I spoke to back in Shiraz picked me up about one hour later than appointed. However at this time – it was I think between 7/8 in the morning – it began to get really hot and humid as I was already walking to the city.

That is really a disadvantage in Iran: the bus and train stations are not inside the city, but in the vacinity. And because there’s not much public transportation in the smaller cities you have to walk, try to hitch-hike or take a taxi.

After I left my stuff, I went by boat to Qeshm Island, met with Navab, a boy I met at Shiraz bus station. He drove me around the island and showed me some sights. He was one of the conservative religious Muslims in Iran. He invited me over to his house, but I never saw his wife.

I also took a bath in the Persian Gulf, although it’s not very clean. Probably the reason are the many oil vessels going through the Gulf. On the way to Qeshm and later to Hormoz one could see that there are plenty of vessels.

In the evening I read and recognized a little gecko in the bathroom.

The house I stayed in consisted of three floors. I slept in the first one and the cousin occupied the second.
Though it was a strange feeling, have the house respectively floor “alone” in Iran.

Day 24, 7.8, Bandar Abbas, Hormoz

At 7am I stood up to go to Hormoz Island (Street of Hormoz). It’s very small island with a flair of pirates and smugglers. I visited the Portuguese Castle, which lied in ruins.

Back in Bandar, I wrote 3 letters (19$) which haven’t arrived to Germany yet and sure will never arrive (status Feb 2013).

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<Previous (Shiraz/Persepolis)Next (Yazd) >

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