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Day 25-26, Yazd

October 26, 2012

Day 25, 8.8, Yazd

At 5.30am I arrived in Yazd and it was empty. A taxi driver gave me a lift for free to the centre where I bought some Na’an (typical bread) from some Iraqis from Baghdad.

At Silk Road Hotel I had a nice breakfast buffet and visited the beautiful city in the desert in the early afternoon.

At the water museum’s garden, I was alloyed to pick up some figs.

Day 26, 9.8, Yazd

I made a guided tour to some places in the desert. First we went to Karanagh, an abandoned town, then to Chak-Chak.
This village has its name from water dropping from the temple’s ceiling. It was a refuge of the Zoroastrians and their most sacred temple. Today they visit the place annually for a three day celebration.
It is a beautiful place and I think I never “heard” such silence.

Next stop was an ice house at a town whose name I forgot. However in this house in the past winters food was stored under layers of straw and ice. That’s why the ice didn’t melt in summer, so the people had a freezer for their food.

In the afternoon I went with some Germans who I met to the train station to go to Tehran.

From all the towns I visited, I liked Yazd the most.

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<Previous (Bandar Abbas/Persian Gulf)Next (Tehran I) >


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