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Day 28-30, Sari, Caspian Sea

October 26, 2012

Day 28, 11.8, Sari

I took the morning train to Sari and bought some food. It was more expensive than the train ticket, which was only 1,50$. I shared the compartment with 4 Iranian students who were very funny. In the neighbouring compartment were some crazy girls who only giggled around. They seemed not to have seen a red-haired before, I was told by the guys.

We drove through beautiful landscape of the Albruz mountains. After we left a tunnel the sun was gone and it was cloudy and humid.

In Sari the family’s mother picked me up and later I drove with the father straight on the beach to Caspian Sea to swim.

In the evening I ate some kebab made of liver, kidney and even testicles. Especially the last one was very delicious.

Day 29, 12.8, Sari

The weather wasn’t very good, so I was shown the surrounding of Sari and we drove to a dam surrounded by rice fields.

Day 30, 13.8, Sari, to Tehran

It was the last day with the Iranian family. In the forenoon we visited the old town hall and a cistern. In the afternoon an archaeological spot Goha Tappeh which was very interesting.

In the evening I said good-bye and took the night train back to Tehran.

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