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Day 3-7, Istanbul

October 26, 2012

Day 3, 17.7, Istanbul

After 54h I arrived around noon in Istanbul.

It was hot! Damn, I was definitely not used to the heat. I searched 1 hour for my hostel just to find out in the end, that I already passed it several times.

So I just took a shower, bought some food and water to relax the afternoon in my bed. In the evening I met with an Iranian family that I knew from the internet.

Day 4, 18.7, Istanbul

I adjusted myself to the heat or got along with it better, anyhow I went to see Topkapi Palace, which has a nice park, an interesting treasure chamber and offers a nice view over the city.

In its park I paused and looked in my Lonely Planet for my next destination which was going to be at Mediterranean Sea.

In the evening I meet with my Iranian friends again.

Day 5, 19.7, Istanbul

It was time to visit the most famous building(s) in Istanbul: stunning Haya Sofia and the beautiful Blue mosque.

Afterwards I went to the Cisterns and was invited by a Turkish business man to a cup of tea. But when he realized that I was not going to buy anything and won’t send anything home to my parents, he became reserved very quickly – well I’m sure I told him before.

After the traditional meeting with the Iranian in the evening I had to experience the off-time of the public transport at about 0.30am; it seems only in Germany you can find public transport going on at night.
So that was the reason for me to walk from Eminönü to my hostel – which was near Taksim. It was lonely 90min walk, passing by people sleeping in parks and the ones who were cleaning the city since I arrived at my hostel.

Day 6, 20.7, Istanbul

I made a Bospherus boat tour, which I survived without getting a sunburn.

The boat captains seem to be as aggressive as the car drivers honking to other boats to pass them by closely afterwards.

That evening I spent with my roommates Hugo (NL), David (UK/AUS) with whom I was going to go to Mediterranean Sea the next day, Ben, Charlie and Josh (UK) and Sabine (CH). We drank beer, ate nice food and played Backgammon smoking water pipe.
It was a very nice evening.

Day 7, 21.7, Istanbul

Well it seemed the food was not very good – I had to stay in bed and on the toilet till the late afternoon. But luckily I was able to meet with the others before the bus was going to Fethiye.

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