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Day 31-32, Tehran II

October 26, 2012

Day 31, 14.8, Tehran

I went to a hostel in Amir Kabir street. It seems to be the street where every shop offers stuff for cars.

In the morning I visited the National museum. Afterwards, totally k.o. I went to the jewellery museum. This is incredible. Everywhere diamonds and blinking, just breath-taking.

In the evening I just walked around the city with my Scottish room-mate.

Day 32, 15.8, Tehran

It’s the beginning of the back-home-marathon.

After breakfast I went to Golestan palace and the bazaar and bought some souvenirs for my friends and family.

It was a total mess to get to the International Imam Khomeini Airport IKA. First I went to the local airport to take the “yellow” bus that should commute between both airports. In fact I didn’t find it, so I had to get back into the city fast and took the metro to the grave of Imam Khomeini and from there a taxi for the reasonable price of 10$.

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<Previous (Sari/Casp. Sea)Next (back to Berlin) >

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