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Day 33-34, back home

October 26, 2012

Day 33, 16.8, Tehran – Istanbul

My ticket was accepted without problems and I didn’t sleep the first night, because I had to check in at 3am and the plane took off at about 5.30.

In Istanbul I drove back to the hostel I stayed in one month ago through the whole city, left my stuff, let the ATM eat my credit card… but so what, I could at least use the second one and it was the end of my holidays.

Then I went with public transport to S. Gökçan Airport, which was a bit difficult, but I managed it with the help of some Turks.

I spent the 10h of waiting at the airport with reading (which is veeery effective if you want to stay awake), eating and walking around.

Day 34, 17.8, Istanbul – Berlin

With 40 minutes delay I arrived in Berlin and finally went to bed at 4am.

Thanks for reading, if you like this travel journey, I’d be happy when you tell your friends or share it on social networks.

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