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Day 8-10, Ölündeniz

October 26, 2012

Day 8, 22.7, Fethiye, Ölündeniz

I slept bad in the bus, that’s the reason I prefer night trains. However, we arrived at Ölündniz’ amazing beach earlier than expected. The surrounding nature was really nice. The camping site (Sugar Beach) was a bit dusty and its lagoon not very clear, but at least clean.

Instantly when I went swimming I got a sunburn which I had for at least the next 12 days.

Day 9, 23.7, Ölündeniz

I avoided the sun the best I could and walked by the beach and played backgammon with David at the camping site.

I took sunset as a chance to snorkel. But there was barely anything to see and in the end a jellyfish hurt me.
I was told by David that there’ve been a turtle, but without my glasses I couldn’t tell it apart from something swimming on the water.

In the evening I went out to drink some beer with David and another guy with his girlfriend who just arrived at the camping site.

Day 10, 24.7, Ölündeniz

That day I made a day trip with David. It was ok. There were only British at any age which behaved kind of strange. It wasn’t even funny. At least we went everywhere by Jeep, which was cool. We took a bath in mood, which wasn’t bad, either.

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